News and FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

My tables are missing on iOS. Where did they go?

Make sure you are logged into iTunes with the same apple ID used to purchase your tables originally. There is a 99¢ version and a free version of Pinball Arcade available in the App Store. Make sure you are using the version where you originally purchased your tables.

How do you choose what tables to re-create?

You can help! We listen to a lot of feedback from the community. We want to build tables that are fun and popular, but we also look at rare and hard to find tables. Join the independently run community at

I just installed the Pinball Arcade on my new mobile device and all or some of my tables are missing.

This happens because there is a free version of the app and a seperate paid version. Make sure you are using the version that you originally used to purchase your tables.

Can I transfer my purchases to a different platform?

Unfortunately the marketplaces do not share purchase information, the tables are tied to the marketplace of original purchase.

Can you tell me what tables you are going to be releasing in the future?

We are not allowed to discuss what tables we are working on, but we can tell you that we are working on an exciting line-up. Closer to release we often provide hints for the upcoming table pack.

Where can I submit bugs?

You can either send us a message on facebook, post to our wall to see if others are having the same issue, or email us at, all of those are checked daily.

The game is running slow on my computer, what can I do?

If your computer isn't quite powerful enough to run the game at max settings, the configuration menu (selectable by right clicking the game in your library)has many options and adjustments to help boost performance, try turning off post processing, ball reflection, anti-aliasing, and anisotropic filtering until you get a playable framerate.

I am having problems with content I've purchased, who do I contact?

Account issues are addressed by our team at

Why don't you re-create more EM tables?

While we love all kinds of pinball from every era, as do many of our fans, most people don't seem to be as intrigued by them as they are with solid state tables. That is not to say we'll never release another EM, but it is the reason that those that are in the game are so sparse.

The PS3 version seems to lag a little when I press the flipper buttons, why?

This is a known issue, and it has to do with the way the PS3 renders our game, the best way to reduce the lag is to use"game mode" on your TV if available, and make sure that all video/movie enhancing effects and features on your television are turned off.

I just got a really good score, why is it not showing in the leaderboards?

The leaderboard server updates every few minutes, if your score doesn't show up immediately, don't worry, give it 5-10 minutes and check again.

The Doctor Who and Glo-Balls custom balls are gone! What happened?

On some platforms, a bug caused the balls to appear as owned when they in fact had not been purchased. Fortunately, they are still available for purchase within the in-game store. If you bought the balls and they disappeared after the WMS update, please send proof of purchase to and we will make sure you get them back. Thanks!

Williams/Bally License

Why has the WMS license not been renewed? Whose decision was it?

The company that controls the WMS IP chose not to renew our agreement.

When were the Williams/Bally tables removed from online storefronts?

June 30th, 2018

Will there be any updates/bug fixes for the tables after the expiration of the contract?

Yes, we will continue to support all of the tables in Pinball Arcade.

What happens to the tables that are already owned (or unlocked, as with the Kickstarter rewards) after the contract expires?

Everyone who owns a WMS table will still own it, and have full access to it.

Would future hardware (iPhones/iPads, Android devices) be updated to allow the Williams/Bally tables to work correctly, or will there be a time when these are completely unplayable?

We will continue to support all of the tables in Pinball Arcade for customers who bought them. This includes support for users who need to re-download tables they’ve already purchased.

With the loss of the Williams/Bally tables, what's the future of the app? Will we see it continued with new non-Williams/Bally tables?

We will continue to develop and release non-WMS tables. Now that the WMS tables have been removed from sale, the remaining tables available in the game (Stern, Gottlieb, and Alvin G) are restructured into different packs based primarily on the table manufacturer.

This sucks, right?

We are very disappointed by the Bally/Williams license holder’s decision – so it’s not great. But we’ll be working to enhance the players’ enjoyment of all of the tables in Pinball Arcade for years to come.