The Pinball Arcade collection includes the best tables produced by Stern and Gottlieb!

Gottlieb Pack 1


Haunted House


Lights... Camera... Action!

Big Hurt


Gottlieb Pack 2

Black Hole

Goin Nuts

El Dorado : City Of Gold

Rescue 911

Bone Busters Inc.


Gottlieb Pack 3

Teed Off

Class Of 1812

Cue Ball Wizard

TX Sector

Cactus Jacks

Gottlieb EM Pack

Big Shot

Central Park

El Dorado

Jacks Open

Centigrade 37

Stern Pack 1

Ripleys Believe It Or Not

Flight 2000

Starship Troopers


Star Trek Vengeance Premium

ACDC Premium

Stern Pack 2

Harley Davidson (3rd Edition)

High Roller Casino

Phantom Of The Opera

Last Action Hero

Ghostbusters Premium

Mustang Premium

Alvin G. and Co. Pack

Als Garage Band


Dr Who : Master of Time

Doctor Who : Master of Time

Stern Pack 3

Big Buck Hunter Pro

Whoa Nellie

*All screenshots are from the DX11 PC (Steam) version and may feature optional lighting changes and custom balls (sold separately)