“Best Free Game Apps of 2012” - The Recapp

“Mobile game of the year!” - G4TV

“Top 100 product of 2012” - PCWorld

“This game is superb along with great presentation” - Inentertainment

“an impressive title, and one that is bound to please pinball fans” - 148 Apps

“Authenticity is the name of the game here, and Farsight has absolutely nailed it” - GameLive.TV

“quite impressive… with content this great, it doesn’t need to use the hard sell” - iLounge

“a pinball nerd’s dream come true”” - App Addict

“Pinball Arcade’s tables are deadly accurate re-creations of the original mechanical objects.” - XBOX Magazine

“The machines are actual digital version of real pinball machines… Each table is wonderfully presented with all the bells and whistles that make pinball fun… the ball physics are spot on.” - Classic Game Room

“The Pinball Arcade establishes itself as a major player in a mostly monopolized space on XBLA… to release more real-world machines in digital form long-term, and for tournament play, and it’s clear why: We’re going to want to play these.” - IGN

“The Pinball Arcade provides a safe virtual home for your pinball worship, complete with accurate re-creations of real tables and appropriately realistic physics.” - Giant Bomb

“All the bleeps, boops, and table sounds are what you would expect from a game called The Pinball Arcade. All that's missing is the kid screaming for more quarters from his mom next to you.” - PS3 Playstation Games

User Reviews:

“Best Pinball Simulation, EVER…If you've ever played any of the actual, real-life tables simulated in this application, you know it doesn't get any more real or true to the original. Remarkable.” - Vino V.

“THE GREATEST PINBALL APP EVER!!!!...You've got access to twenty eight- count 'em- TWENTY EIGHT of the best pinball tables in arcade history! (With still MORE games on the way!) .. if you grew up playing these pinball games in the arcades or if you're just a fan of pinball in general, YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH THIS GAME!” - Mike M.

“I get chills every time I boot this app and feel a sense of gratitude to the development team at FarSight, as a lifelong pinball player, that I truly have a very affordable "pinball arcade" of my very own living on my mobile device. It's a dream come true for every fan of pinball.” - Nick T.

“Real? Pinball? Good? Absolutely!...The controls are spot on, from flippers to tilting. The sounds, dot matrix display and play fields are done remarkably well. FarSight continues to add more and more genuine tables… If you were ever a pinball fan, then you owe it to yourself to get this.” - Righteous S.

“Best pinball simulations ever… Farsight nailed the physics though and everything from the ball to flippers and bumpers feels just about perfect. The fact that these are all real world tables only makes these games that much better.” - P.G.K.